About the Project


page 2.jpgHow to feel morality superior to me and know how to show it by Alice Floyd (Practicing Dyslexic) RED PEN

This project involved sending out 25 artists books through the post and asking people to correct them with red pen and send them back to me.

The instructions read as follows:

“Thank you so much for agreeing to be a part of this project. Enclosed are the artist’s book and a return envelope. Please comment on, edit and correct this book as you see fit. I ask you to do this in red pen for continuity between images. I have made the comments in this book purposely aggressive and harsh. Please do not feel that you have to be nice to me because you are my friend. ”

I made 25 artists books which talked about how I been belittled by society because I cannot spell without checking the spelling. I sent it to 25 different people and asked them to correct them with red pen.

This work has been empowering because I have simultaneously shown how obscuring correcting someone’s work is but through that have been able to be heard. Showing so many corrections the marks become meaningless and the reader can understand how I feel. The collective red pen builds up to make an influence on my self perception – don’t believe I can be heard.

I have often felt that people only correct my spelling and that my thoughts are not valid. And If you are told you are not valid you stop trying to be heard. Through this project I have had several conversations starting to change peoples opinions that spelling is not as important as content and voice.